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Ahmad virson of cinderella story

By: Ahmad A.
South Carolina, Age 10

Once upon a time, there was an Indian named Ahmad. My life as an Indian was unsympathetic I had to do all the work around the house. However, my six brothers and stepmother names were Antwone, Zaqwan, Chris, Patrick, Seiji, Transon, and my stepmother was Brandi they made me do all the work day and night then they made me eat dirt and everything that comes from animals in self for meat. Then one day my wish came true for a contest to marry a princess but you had to were nice Indian cloth but their was something wrong because I did not have any nice Indian cloth and my brothers got to mom and dad first so they got all the money. Therefore, I had to make my stuff but there was not any more deerskin to make me cloth then I had to stay home all day. Then my parents left for a date. I heard something in my room singing then I heard ka-ka-ka-boom when I looked down finest cloth than the king. Then voices said go to the ball. Therefore, I did. At the ball, it was time to fight, each other. Then they called on me to fight a huge Indian named Tony then the fight was on. he jumped in the air so I move out the way and jump on him when I jumped on him boy it smelled rotten eggs mixed with the most smelliest thing in the hole wide world rotten cheese then he past out. Therefore, I won then the clock stroked 12:00 I remembered to be home in bed before my mom and dad got home then so I fault the last person I won after that I ran home on the way I lost a piece of my cloth on a tree but I did not stop to get it I jumped in the window took of all my cloth in self for my under were I was home just in time because my mom and dad walked straight in the door. The next morning the princess servant announced that who ever this piece of cloth this belongs to will marry the princess so I went there with the cloth I had last night it was my turn then it had fit. So I got married to the princess and lived happily ever after and forgave my brothers for what they did to me and gave them each $200
The end