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3 Different Bears

By: Brit W.
Australia, Age 12

It was January the summer time and it was quiet a fantastic day. The 3 bears were of to the beach for a wonderful picnic and a swim . While they were off 3 little pigs walked past with a thought of which would come true now that they found the bears home situated right on top of a hill. The 3 bears knocked down the bears home and took the materials to build there own. When the bears arrived they had noticed there house was gone and there were 2 houses situated were there old 1 should have been. The Bears were shocked to see there place where there daughter had grown up was now gone.The bears quietly walked into one of the houses and they were amazed that there porridge they had cooked in the morning was still warm on the table. After that they walked into the next house to see that 3 pigs were eating breakfast at the table ''excuse me'' mumma bear said. ''this is our house or was until you all came and took over''. ''Teribbly sorry but my family has no home no bed because the big bad wolf blew it down. ''Ok then u can stay in the house until you can build your own'' Pappa bear says.''Thankyou so much this means so much to my family'' replies the third pigs. After a week in the house all the pigs and all the bears became excellent friends and the pigs ebded up living there perminantly and were the best of friends. The end