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Beauty and the Bumblebee

By: Abbey S.
Oklahoma, Age 7

Once upon a time, there was a princess. Her name was Bella Scrappaper. She found an enchanted castle. She saw the biggest bee of all. He looked really friendly. The bee said, ''Hi, my name is Duh-Duh the Bee. Then the weirdest thing happened. Bella was suddenly turned into scrap paper. The bee started laughing outloud and he said, ''What a funny riddle. Ha ha! At least you can still walk. I could draw and erase you all day. Why I'm just a handsome bumblebee, Ouch, my wings hurt. You can't leave now. Oh, yes I can. Fine!''

The bee came back. How sad, said the bee. I think I should write on you when I go to the ball. So he did. I'm supposed to go two days later after tomorrow. What good news, said the bee. ''Yeah, right, said Bella Scrappaper. See you later! Scrap paper-- that's what you're having for lunch!''

How do you like it Bella Scrappaper. She did a little gasp. Worst stuff ever, she thought. THen suddenly she was turned back by the Godmother and the bee turned into a baby. Then, how do you like that baby? she whispered to herself. Then the bee whined so badly, then whispered, ''Want you bah-bah?'' Good news, your'e not going to the ball. The End