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Natures Colors

By: Megan L.
Ohio, Age 13

Have you ever wondered how the flowers and grass got their colors? Here's how. Way back thousands of years ago, way back before the dinosaurs were here, the earth seemed drab and plain. God was such a busy man creating the universe, that he just plain didn't have the time to decorate. So one day, he came across a tree full of fairies. I call it a fairy tree. They were beautiful little creatures, and each one had a colored jewel of their own. Each jewel was given to them by one of Gods own created creatures, the winged horse. These jewels were magical, but the fairies didn't know it. One day, a little girl fairy swiped her beautiful prized posession across the petal of a flower because it appeard to be dirty. And wouldn't you know it, the petal turned a beautiful pink color. The fairies' name just happened to be pinkey, she was named after her colored jewel. So you see, every time a fairy is born, the winged horse comes down from heaven with an angel astride. The angel sprinkles a little bit of fairy dust upon the new arrival and issues him or her a colored jewel. The new arrival is then given a name. So Pinkey ran to tell all of the other fairies about her new discovery. After checking out the situation, they realized that each fairy had a sort of colored glow to their skin. So one fairy's name was balue, one's name was yella, one's name was greeny, and so on. They also discovered that whenever love or affection or a good deed was given, just a little bit of dust came out of the jewel. Of course only the magical winged horse and the angel named color new of this special spell that had been cast upon the jewels and the Fairies. As time went on the fairy tree was completely packe full of different colored fairies and the magical jewels. So every spring when new life begins to grow, they just work their magic and sprinkle a little fairy dust and just a little love to color our world
the best way they can, Fairy Style.