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Idera and his creation called water

By: Cory H.
Ohio, Age 13

Once a long time ago in the land of ancient Greece, a god-like inventor named Idera was trying to come up with a new drink he could give Zeus that would refreash him. While he was mixing things and testing them he just so happened to mix together H with 2 and 2 with O he was astounded by what he created. He went to show Zeus immediately. Zeus loved the drink. it did everyting that he wanted it to do. It refreshd and re-energized him. So Zeus said Idera what is this magnifisent drink called. Idera paused for a minute and then one word came to his mind: water. Then Zues sade You have got to Share this with the people of the mortal world. He agreed with Zeus so he made some more of this water and poured it down on to the world below. But as doing so a few drops of his water splattered onto the land which made all of the lakes. but as he poured it into the giant holes he liked to call the oceans pegasis the flying horse accidently droped a salt shaker into the ocean rendering it un- drinkable. Idera was furious but he soon saw people saling and fishing on the salt water spots. So he forgave pegasis. That is how water was made and the oceans became salty.