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Rain is...........

By: TaKara B.
Ohio, Age 13

A long, long time ago when the world was still young and new, a spirit lived. A spirit who we now know as God. He created the people and animals. And the population started to grow and grow. Then one day he decided that the earth was becoming too crowded for him. So he decided to move to the Heavens above where there was peace and quiet. He watched over the people who he created and realized that these people where his children and a major part of his life. He also raelized that the people meant alot to the world's exsistance. He tried to keep his people from dying and from becoming old and frail. he tried to keep them in the best condition that he could. But as time passed they became old he relized that there was no stopping time. One day the first man that he created became too sick to go on any longer. He died and many others did too. When the 15th person died God could not take it any more he started to cry in which he could not control. The people of the world called it Rain which standed for Rough times, I for Instopable tears, A for aging with time and N for Never ending love. They called the tears rain because that is the way that God felt for them. Now every time 15 to 20 of his people die he cries. And when he cries he brings us rain. And that is how we have rain and why we have it.