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Rain, Lightning and Thunder

By: Robert T.
Ohio, Age 13

One day in ancient times there were two warring gods. They were Rain and Lightning. They were having a argument over who would be the right hand of Zeus. As time went on they just argued more and more until one day Lightning stormed Rain's home on the side of Mount Olympus and took his wife. Rain was so upset that he got a bucket of water and went to Lightning's home on the opposite side of Mount Olympus and took his wife and killed her. This caused a big war between the gods and they went into war with each other. Rain tried to throw water at lightning and missed and that became rain. Lightning was furious and threw a bolt of lightning at water nad it missed and this became lightning bolts. Once this was heard by Thunder he tried to tell them to quit fighting but they wouldn't listen. Then he tried to gain there attention but he couldn't because they were so mad. Thunder started to get mad too, so he started yelling. This became thunder. The gods were very embarased so they made clouds to block the fight from man's view. The bolts of Lightning and Rain that missed them fell to earth. They are still fighting to this very day and this is what we know as thunderstorms.