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''Battle in the Bread Basket''

By: Dale H.
Illinois, Age 13

In the beginning, God made Middle Ground. This land was flat, fertile, and calm. It gave birth to our food. Crops of wheat, corn, barley, and soy beans rippled gently in the soft breezes of Middle Ground. This rich, generous, nutrition giving place is the Bread Basket of our people. Above Middle Ground lives North Wind. He is cold, dry, and playful. Below Middle Ground resides South Wind. He is hot, moist, and feisty.
One fine spring day, North Wind and South Wind decided to meet and play above the Bread Basket. After a frolicking game of breeze tag, they entered into a competition. Which wind could make the stalks of corn bend down to Middle Ground the fastest? What began as friendly fun, soon turned to fierce competition. North Wind blew his freezing air as wildly as he could. Meanwhile, South Wind blasted the fields with scorching wet air. A stubborn disregard to win the match set in! Neither gale cared one wit about the fact that the force of the combined drafts were damaging the tender stalks and newborn corn cobs. A zephyr ensued as the energy and air pressure above Middle Ground dramatically increased!
All of this commotion caught the eye of Thunder Storm. He dowsed both winds with water in the hopes of cooling them down and stopping the crop damaging battle. However, his rain drops were useless. The competition continued. Rain Storm appealed to God's angels for help. For without a bountiful harvest, the people would starve. A heavenly host flew down to aid Thunder Storm. They flapped their wings to push the winds apart. This increased the whirlwind to no avail. Gabriel himself repeatedly thrust his golden javelin between North and South. This generated blinding zigzags across the sky of Middle Ground. Gabriel begged God to intervene. God looked down upon the tempest and frowned. He clapped his hands together to stop his disoberdeint winds. The deafening sound did not stop them. All attempt failed. Neither would concede the battle to the other. The rebellious winds continued to fight. Each vengefully attempting to out blow the other!
The frenzied air currents above Middle Ground could no longer contain the madly undisciplined winds, energy, and pressure. With an iron will, God made a decision to stop this collision course with disaster. In a heartbeat, the unmerciful battle grew deadly quiet. The air tasted stale. The sky metamorphosed into a muddled mixture of charteuse and pea green. The clouds turned a foreboding shade of deep black. The wind, lightening, and thunder gathered together in the most virulent and destructive force ever to be seen above our peoples' land. God spun the relentless energies into a twirling, twisting, potent cyclone. The world held its breath as this twister whipped and blacksnaked its way across Middle Ground. The rush of energy was deafening. The surge of wet, wild power touched down upon the ground and pulvarized everything within its path. The rotating, revolving winds swirled their way across the Bread Basket. Unpredictably touching down and lifting off the land, this was a sirocco of unprecedented terror!
As soon as God began it, he ended it. All was silent again. The storm was over. Although destruction had been left in its wake, God's hand spun storm had taught a valuable lesson. All of natures' forces can be used for good or for bad and stubbornness can cloud any good wind's judgement! The tornado placed each wind back to his proper home in the North and South. I would like to say, this incident never repeated itself, but I cannot. Often, in the springtime, North Wind and South Wind become bored or rebellious. Then they begin the competition anew. God, in his wisdom, always delivers another twister to the Middle Ground. This once again separates his insolent children. After the storm passes, faith is restored and crops flourish again to feed our people.