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Monkey Lying

By: Ally C.
Virginia, Age 13

Once there was a little monkey named Brittany. Now Brittany loved to play with all the other animals in the jungle. One night Brittany had alot of homework, and it took her all afternoon, and most of the evening to finish it all. At arou nd 8:00 Brittany's mom told her to wash up and to get ready for supper. Brittany was very disappointed, because she wanted to go out and play with her friends. Brittany decided taht she would do whatever she could so she could go play outside with her friends. Brittany's mom called for her to go downstairs. Brittany had a plan, she told her mom that she was sick and wanted to have dinner in bed. Brittany's mom brought up the food. Brittany ate it quickly so she could sneek out. While Brittany was gone her mom came up. Since Brittany was not in her room her parents thought that she had been monkey napped. They went searching for her right away. While Brittany's parents were searching for her, Brittany was having a great time with her friends. When she realized that it was 9:30pm Brittany went rushing home. When she got home her parents weren't there! Brittany knew that they we probably looking for her. She went to her phone right away to try to call them. She couldn't get in touch with them! When her parents finally came home in the early morning, they were happy to see her. Brittany felt really bad about how she had lied! Her parents could have gotten hurt seaching at night, since that is when alot of bigger animals hunt. Brittany promised to never run off without permission again. So from then on, when Brittany had alot of homework, she called her friends and told them that she would have to play with them the next day. !The End!