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Inflammable Swine

By: Dylan S.
Missouri, Age 13

One day on a farm in New Mexico, there were three pigs named Jack, Mack and Larry. The guy that took care of them, his name was Farmer Phillip. One afternoon, Farmer Phillip brought the morning slop. Pigs will eat almost anything you know. The three pigs were so hungry the slop was gone very fast. The three pigs were bored, so they decided to play tag. Larry needed a place to hide so he jumped in to a mud puddle. When he jumped in, he got this very tingly sensation and realized that it was very cold.

That afternoon, the farmer called the pigs up to the barn for lunch. Over lunch, Larry didnĂt tell anybody about his cold, secret mud hole. Then after dinner, Larry called Mack aside, to show him the mud hole. He was amazed by how cold it was.

The next day it was very, very hot outside, almost 115 degrees! So they decided to play hide-and-go-seek. Again, Larry hid in the mud hole. It got so hot that day that the field caught on fire! Mack was running around like crazy and his tail caught on fire! When Larry saw this, he quickly yelled at him to jump in the mud hole. After about one minute, Larry and Mack realized that mud was the only thing that does not catch on fire! Jack was still out in the field running around looking for some water to jump in. Larry yelled to Jack to jump into the mud hole. Jack said, ˘Why? I donĂt want to get my new shirt all muddy!÷ ˘NO!! Mud is the only thing that doesnĂt catch on fire!÷ Narrowly missing the fire, Jack jumped into the mud. After that little incident, farmer Phillip dug many mud holes around his new barn so it did not burn down. The pigs helped with their strong, powerful tusks. Phillip said, ˘Thanks, but you are going to be my dinner next week.÷ So, during the next week, the three pigs trotted around to all of the surrounding farms, and told their friends through oinks, grunts and squeaks, about the mud
Obviously, pigs today are a lot smarter than the first pigs 9,000 years ago in the Middle East.

Moral: So, to keep from catching on fire, pigs everywhere now roll themselves in mud.