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A Gentle Breeze

By: Dani D.
California, Age 10

Once there was a goddess named Karena, her breath could blow a grown man millions of miles away. She lived before there was wind; everything was still every moment of every day. Karena one day grew bored of the stillness of the Earth. But she couldnĘt do something without being sure that everyone was fine with her idea. She went to many different lands, telling everyone she met her idea of riding the Earth of stillness. But nobody had the same thought. Karena couldnĘt decide if she should do it anyway or not. She decided to consult the opinion with a king. Whatever he said she would do. Karena saw the king and asked if it was a good idea. The King thought the idea was magnificent; he also was getting bored of the stillness. Karena blew as hard as she could, spreading her breath throughout the Earth. All the people enjoyed the new breeze. And that was the day wind was made.