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My Myth

By: Mike L.
California, Age 13

Earth war a black space. there was nothing in sight. there were no trees, clouds, soil, there was nothing. now how trees got here were from evolution, and they just kept on reproducing more and more trees. if we didn' thave trees nobody would exist. today we use trees for many certain things.
how soil got here was from volcanoes eruoted bacteria ate the rock and changed it into soil. good resons why we use soil is for putting people in there resting spots, and when your driveway washes out tou can fill in the wholes with dirt.
now how we got rocks is the same way soil got here, when a volcano eruptes the lava preads out and rushes down the side it gets on to the ground and spreads evreywhere and about one or two days later the lava dries up and it gets really hard. it then forms into the shape of a rock. that is hoe rocks were made