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Oceana's Rage

By: Natalie G.
Michigan, Age 13

Long, long ago, Oceana was the goddess of the ocean. She had the biggest and perfect family. But one day all of her family disappeared from mother's earths surface. She felt very lonely. Since she was so lonely she became friends with a gaint sea serpant named Hydro. After they were friends for many years they got married. Awhile later they had a daugter named Zicara. Zicara loved to by the water but some times she was not careful. it was only a few years later Zicara died. From depression Hydro died too. Oceana was very angry because she was all alone again. She broke into a colossal rage. While she was whipping and throwing things around, she was getting sadder each minute. It got to the piont that she started to cry because she couldn't stop thinking of her family. Now every once and awile she will think of her family and brake out into another rage.