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Lunaria's Tale

By: Kat H.
Michigan, Age 13

Long long ago, Mother Earth was forlorn. So, she got to know, and married, the god of the sun, Denebion. They soon had a child; Lunaria. When she was old enough, she became the goddess of the moon. Overall she was a pleasant child, but every once in a while, she would act out. At night, or at least, it was night for the humans on Mother Earth's surface, she would sneak from where she was supposed to be, between her mother's surface and her father's, she would sneak the moon into her mother's shadow. Her father could no longer see her, but Mother Earth could. She would always find her very quickly, and Lunaria began to get close to her mother. As she got older, Lunaria stopped hiding, and became very very busy with her duties on the moon. So, occasionally, she will gointo her mother's shadow, just to recall the memory of how close the two of them had been.