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Ice Thrower

By: Robyn B.
Michigan, Age 13

Long long ago where the snow is warm and the grass is white. Where the unicorns live and ice sicles grow. There once was a boy named Lizala he was a very very bad,greedy, and selfish little boy. Lizala was always getting in trouble and was had temper tantrum when he does not get what he wants. One day Lizala started throwing when he figured out that it was way more fun to him. His mother Liliana always told him one day something awful would happen to him from all his meanness and unkind actions. One day Lizala one day he was having one of his temper tantrums. so liliana finally said she couldnt take care of him anymore. This made Lizala very angry. So of course he started throwing ice into the air. Crack! Crack! They fell down on the little planet under them called earth. Ever since then when he doesnt get his way he throws pieces of ice the size ships.