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Midget Hunting

By: Drew W.
Massachusetts, Age 13

There once was a giant name Drew the Great. He woke up one moring and was in a bad mood. So he went to get some food and noticed it was all gone! He saw little footsteps from his cabinet. Then he thought that midgets have taken his food. He followed them all the way to Justin the Lonely and Chris the Loner's house. They were both midgets, so Drew looked in the window and saw Chris and Justin eating his food! So he went back to his house and grabbed his ak-47. He went back to Justin and Chris's house, he had noticed that they weren't there! He went to Christian the Cool's house (which was Drew's friend). He told Christian to grab his RPG (rocket propelled grenade), he told them about the midgets and they were going midget hunting. So Christian got his RPG, and they went into the woods to find the midgets. When they went into the woods they found Tom the Giant with his 12-gauge. They invited him to find the midgets. Later they found some Obese Giant Hiding in bushes eating Twinkies, he addressed himself as Mr. Mancini. They ditched the fat dude to find the midgets. Eventually they found the midgets, the midgets were equipped with numchucks, pistols, and tech-9's. Drew fire his ak at Chris and blew his head right out of this world. Justin fired his pistol at Tom and blew his leg right off his body. Christian then shot his RPG at Justin and blew him out of this universe. After that they went to just hospital and fixed Tom's leg. Then they headed over to the midget's house and got their food, then they lit their house on fire and starting chanting as it burned down. Then they went to Drew's to eat and get more ammo. The Giants lived happily ever after.