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Poseiden's Fight for Control

By: Pamela G.
Virginia, Age 13

Poseidon was the God of horses and earthquakes, but his favorite thing was being the God of the seas. He loved the color blue along with it. That is why he loves the seas so much. On his 20th birthday he asked himself why are the seas always blue? He thought about that everyday. One day while he was thinking he said, ˘Why, couldnĂt the whole world be a huge sea?÷ He also said, ˘That way IĂll be able to take control of the whole world.÷ He loved the idea.
Well when Hades, Zeus, and Apollo found out they didnĂt like it. So Poseidon didn't think it would work out, because Hades was the God of the underworld, Zeus was the king of Gods and the ruler of mankind, and Apollo was the God of the sun. They were all very powerful. Somehow Poseidon encouraged them to let him go along with it, but nobody knows how he did. He got what he wanted. He made the whole world change into a large sea.

The day the world changed, Poseidon figured out why the seas were blue. This was the question he asked himself on his 20th birthday. Just about everyday Poseidon would watch his seas and once in a while he would look up to the sun. He came up with this conclusion. White light is absorbed into the seas and blue light is reflected. So Poseidon got everything that he wanted, and answered his 20th birthday question.