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~Father Rain and Little Nahi~

By: Anna-Moira D.
Washington, Age 9

Nahi was a supernatural child of 'Father Rain'. Father Rain was Nahi's father in the native american village of the Nootka tribe. The Nootka tribe lived along the coast of washington and Northern Canada. Nahi loved Father Rain as Father Rain loved her. She loved running through the rain and letting her hair get soaked; of course her human mother had died so she lived alone, for Father Rain was a god!
Father Rain had been lonely and called for a native american teen to come to the clouds and become his wife. Moreover, Pathki was ready to get married, so she went. Pathki died when Nahi was born; Nahi was the wind and the sky goddess but also the good and the thoughtful native american human being. She wept for her mother, and that's why if you listen close when the wind is blowing and it is raining you will hear her weeping for her mother.