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~Aphrodite's Tears~

By: Tiffany V. and Stephanie H.
Virginia, Age 14

Tiffany V. and Stephanie H. March 9,2001
The Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite had many children, all of whom she loved. But, by far, Adonis was her favorite child. Adonis was a charming, handsome youth, and Aphrodite fought over him with Persephone, who refused to give up. Zeus, the king of Gods, decided that Adonis would spend 1/3 of a year with Persephone, 1/3 with his mother, and the other 3rd on his own time, doing whatever he liked to do.

Adonis soon became a very enthusiastic hunter, but was killed by a wild boar on one of his chases. His mother was heartbroken and pleaded with Zeus for her sonĘs life. Zeus finally gave in and agreed to allow Adonis to spend half of each year with his mother, and the other half in the underworld. Aphrodite was very happy since she got to spend half of a year with her son, but the other half of the year was terrible for her.

Every night Aphrodite would go outside, look towards the heavens, and cry for her son, whom she missed greatly. She shed so many tears for him, they shot across and filled the sky, glistening in the night for all to see. This, is how shooting stars came to be.