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In the Name of Avalon

By: Kathryn K.
Texas, Age 13

In the mountains of the northern hemisphere, there lived an ice god named Iyrimus. He was a very lonely god, for he lived up in the cold where not many souls ventured-even those of the brave. It was here that Iyrimus made his home and delighted in the simle pleasures of the cold.
One day, Iyrimus was getting restless and decided to wander down the mountain into some woods in hope for some company. He happended upon a beautiful wood nymph named Avalon. Her hair was that of the weeping willow; here eyes were like the stars. Her lips and cheeks were bright like the spring flowers, and Iyrimus fell in love with her at once. When Iyrimus questioned the nymph, he found-much to his distress- that she was already partnered with a well known fire god. At this fact, Iyrimus pleaded her to run away with him up to the mountain, away from the fire god who was currently terrorizing nearby farmers. She said that she might consider, but when the fire god found out where she was, he would burn her up out of jealousy.
At this, Iyrimus set out to find the fire god, and proposed a fight in the name of the fair wood nyph. With a laugh, the fire god consented, and the two gods went up to the proposed meeting place in the mountains. At first, Iyrimus thought that this would be to his advantage being up in the snow he was used to, but he found himself fairly matched with his opponent. Iyrimus pushed rock and ice toward the fire god who used heat to melt Iyrimus' homeland. As ice and water-along with other rubbish-were pushed down the mountain, they picked up more and more growth while the wastes continued to storm down the mountain.
These came to be known as avalanches from Avalan-who the gods were still fighting over. They are up there today, and it can be proven. Sometimes you will hear the rumbling of their bellows, and the moaning of their efforts, and then... you will see the storm of snow and trees that rolls down the mountain with the furry of all the gods.