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'' A dog is a Man's Best Friend''

By: Marquita M.
Virginia, Age 12

There once lived a little girl named Maria. She lived in a village were all the people stayed to themsevels and their families. So one day when Maria was bored she went to the girl that lived next to her named Polly. When she got there she asked Polly if she wanted to play with her, but Poll's motyher didn't aprove of it so she told Maria to go away. Maria didn't understand why Polly couldn't play with her. So she asked the most powerful god called Zeus to send down a girl to play with her. So Zeus sent down a little girl named Friendship. Maria and Friendship played and played. Maria still didn't understand why the other kids conldn't play. Then she asked Zeus if he conld show the world what whould happen if no one became friends. When everyone saw this they what'd help from Maria and Friendship to show them how. As Maria got older she realized that everyone still did not understand. After that she asked Zeus for one last thing, to be a dog that whould never die and everyone loved. So as they say now '' a dog is a man's best friend''