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Boreas and Notus

By: Zane D.
New York, Age 12

Notus, the god of the south, was bringing the warm breezes of summer, but when he arrived, he was devastated. He found that Boreas, his own brother, was taking his wife.
Infuriated, Notus stopped the south wind's arrival that summer. He declared, ˘As of now, there will be no south wind in the summer. You may think I you don't need it, but you'll see. And just remember, when you wonder why this had to happen, remember that it was because of Boreas.÷
Demeter found it harder to make crops grow, since their seeds couldn't be spread as easily without wind.
Finally, Zephyr summoned wind from the west. However, the west wind wasn't as effective. Zephyr was used to using wind to sweep clouds away.
Then, war broke out over Notus's strike. Other gods also fought. Zephyr fought on Notus's side with Demeter against Boreas. Achilles was also on Notus's side, riding Notus's immortal horse, Xanthus. Ares, loving war and bloodshed, fought on Boreas's side, thinking Boreas was stronger. Calais and Zetes, Boreas's sons, also fought along with him.
Ares and Achilles fought each other, with matched power. Demeter, being the god of the harvest, wasn't a good fighter, so she wielded a shortbow, and helped Achilles. Zephyr fought Calais and Zetes. Notus fought Boreas. The battle raged on, until eventually, everyone realized that it had to be fought with Boreas and Notus alone. Boreas caused coldness and great wind, and Notus caused fog and rain.
Eventually, Notus was victorious. Notus still brought the summer winds, Boreas still brought the cold, northern, winter winds, however, their power used in the fight is still there in the summer, as their powers cause a huge, swirling, dark storm, as they sideswipe each other, passing each other continually. In the center, their powers cancel each other out, making a calm area, where there is no violent wind. They start in the ocean, using the water for extra power, however, it disturbs Poseidon. So Poseidon forces the fight onto land, where it eventually dries out and the battle is over, leaving only devastation in its path. However, the war is never over, so it goes on every summer, as a sign of what happened in the past.