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''Goddess of Faith''

By: Brittany L.
New York, Age 13

Beachla, the Goddess of Faith was ZeusĂs latest daughter. Beachla was born when Zeus was away fighting Iris for trying to take over Mount Olympus. The mother of Beachla was unknown. BeachlaĂs mother didnĂt want to keep her because she didnĂt like the idea of being a single parent and raising her on her own. Her mother felt embarrassed that her husband didnĂt want to be with her and she didnĂt want Beachla as a remembrance of Zeus. One day about five weeks after Beachlas birth, her mother left her in a sand pit next to a hidden church. While walking through the church path, one afternoon a nun found Beachla. When the nun brought her back to the church Beachla was very ill and was expected to soon die. But, after only five days Beachla seemed to be getting better and better. After a short amount of time she was able to lift things easily and was also getting plumper. After BeachlaĂs amazing recovery she was known as the ˘Goddess of Faith.÷ Beachla never gave up hope and stayed strong. She always had belief. The nun decided to bring Beachla up as her own because of her courage. Beachla knew that she would never see her real parents again and was very upset about it. Since Beachla knew how terrible it felt to not know who her own mother and father were, she wanted to make sure that it didnĂt happen to anyone else. Beachla was known to punish any parent who was going to give their child up. She would sometimes make them eat goat intestines or turn them into a horse. If it was their first time, she would usually only give them pills that would make them have terrible nightmares, but if it happened more than once she made them live in a dark cave with no food and nobody to talk to for days. No parent since then ever wanted to give up their child, knowing the consequences they would have to pay.

One day an unfamiliar person to Beachla came up to her and gave her and envelope. Beachla looked inside and noticed a beautiful gold locket. She felt ecstatic that somebody would send her a very expensive looking necklace. She was so excited that she quickly grabbed the locket out of the envelope and put it around her neck. Instantly she fell to the ground and died. The locket had been poisoned. A parent that didnĂt want their child must have wanted her to die so they could give their child up without having any consequences. Beachla died at a young age of around 28 or 29, which might be why she is not well known or talked about. Most people just remember her as the ˘Goddess with the Poisonous Locket.÷

Up until this day, parents are still afraid to give up their children in case the Goddess of Faith ever came back from Hades. Most believe that the legend will live on forever!