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'' The Ocean''

By: Anastasia P.
Australia, Age 11

A long time ago, there lived a Goddess by the name of Philomena.
Philomena was one of the seven Goddesses who ruled the planet Earth. She was a kind soul and loved all things.
One day the king of a place called Dahemia, a selfish and arrogant man, got tired of all his people praising Philomena. He thought that they should praise HIM and no one else. So he gathered up his courtiers and made them write up a new rule on the Scroll Of Rules.
When the people saw the rule they started arguing.
''We can't praise that selfish old fool!'' one said and soon the others raised up the cheer. They trooped to the king's castle and stood before the castle's wall.
''We praise Philomena and no one else!'' they shouted.
The King got up from his throne and went to see what the commotion was.
''Here! What's this all about?!'' he shouted over the din.
'''We don't want to worship a crackpot like you!'' they cried,''We want to worship the great Philomena!''
The King seethed with anger. Some crackpot? he thought, I'll show them! He summoned his guards.
''Seize all of them and put them in the dungeons! That will teach them to always listen to me and not get me angry!''
The guards hesitated.
''Now!'' the King bellowed,'' Or I'll feed you to the lions!''
And so the guards ran outside and grabbed the villagers.
''Philomena will save us!'' the villagers cried. But nothing happened. So they were led away into the dungeons.
The King then sauntered up to the bars and said,''All of you will stay here without food or water until you decide to worship me instead of that nonexisting Goddess you call Philomena.''
''Never!'' they shouted. So a day passed. The villagers soon felt the gnawing hunger in their bellies.
''We can't go on like this,'' one said. Then suddenly Philomena appeared in front of them. ''Do what you think is right,'' and she vanished. The people decided to never worship the King. But after days had passed in the cell with no food and no water the people lost the will to fight. The king meanwhile was thinking, they're soon going to give up. And so they did.
Years later the village of Dahemia had all but forgotten Philomena. They started getting greedy and selfish, and fights broke out.
The King had now gotten so mean that he took prisoners and fed them to the lions in front of his people. The villagers enjoyed this and cheered when the prisoner was put into the lion's den.
All this saddened Philomena, the Goddess.
''How can they fight with each other?'' she asked herself,''I let them worship the king because I thought that would be right and now this. I have made a grave choice.''
So one day when all the villagers were outside she appeared in front of them. The people gasped. ''It can't be!'' ''Yes! It's Philomena!''
Philomena looked at them. ''Summon the king.'' One villager galloped away to tell the king.
When he arrived the king looked all around,''So? Where is she?'' Then he looked up. Philomena was framed against the sky.
''What do you want?'' he cried out in his arrogant voice.
''Peace between your people,''she replied.
''And how am I supposed to do that?''
Philomena looked at him.''Have you ever thought how those poor people you murdered felt?''
The King shifted uncomfortably,''I didn't kill anyone.''
''The lions did. And they are your property, so doesn't that make you the murderer?'' Philomena asked.
''The only way you can make peace between your people is to step down for some time to change your ways and make someone who is not selfish like you king,who won't put bad habits into your people's minds and kill ordinary human beings for fun.''
The King smirked,''And what if I don't?''
Philomena raised her voice.''If you don't I will have no choice but to destroy this village.''
The wind rose as a warning. The villagers began to get scared. ''King, step down!'' one shouted. But the King thought this was a joke. How could she destroy a village? ''I don't believe you,''he challenged,''And I won't step down.''
Philomena's voice wavered,''Very well then.I don't have a choice.''
She started crying with grief. Her village was ruined by a ruler who was so arrogant and selfish that he caused fights and death. The people were also tainted with his badness and were so far in it that they could never change their ways without a new leader always there. The village had to be destroyed.
Philomena's tears now were flowing freely, salty and fresh at the same time. She couldn't bear the thought of destroying human beings.
Her tears now were so big that they were flooding the land.
Villagers ran, but they couldn't go far.
So the Earth was flooded and oceans appeared, salty because of Philomena's tears.
It is said that whenever it rains it means that Philomena is crying because somewhere people are doing bad things, and if it is sunny that means Philomena is smiling.