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Ocean Goddess

By: Rosa M.
Arizona, Age 13

There were once two young earth goddesses, their names were Italia and Rosalina, they were best friends considering that they knew each other since they were little girls. They both were beautiful and they both were rich and they loved it, they loved being able to have anything they wanted, and they loved that a lot of the gods wanted to have their hand in marriage. Italia had eyes for only one god, Itilos, he was pretty good looking but the thing she loved about him were his dazzling blue eyes, they shimmered like water on a clear sky day. Rosalina of course was getting jealous. Since everyone in their kingdom thought that he was the nicest and cutest guy there. Every single goddess wanted him. Of course their parents thought that Italia and he should get married. So their parents said that they shall get married on Sunday the 28th of April. Rosalina of course grew more jealous and she came up with the perfect plan. Rosalina grew fierce like a dragon on a hot summer day, she grew brave, and of course above all she got strong. So on Saturday, the day before the wedding Rosalina showed up at Itilos's castle and she srangled him and burnt him with her powers of flame. The next day Italia's parents Lino and Edina showed up at Itilos's castle to find out why he had not shown up on time to the wedding. When they got there they did not expect to find what they did. Italia of course knew who had done this, the only person that could have was Rosalina, the goddess of flame. Italia of course did not know that she was the most powerful goddess of all time. She also did not know that she was the goddess of ocean, sea, and all other water bodies. Italia went to Rosalina and demanded that Rosalina tell her why she burnt her fiancee. Rosalina just stood, so Italia summoned the few powers that she had and with her tiara she swung it and all it did was cut her arm and wet her. Italia knelt down and started crying with every tear she shed, her powers growing strong. So again Italia tried and this time she floated to the air ''ROSALINA HOW DARE YOU USE YOUR GODDESS POWER TO DECEIVE ME!'' So Italia threw her tiara once more and sent Rosalina to the ocean below where Rosalina will never be able to leave.