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''The Sun's Goddess''

By: Marina M.
Israel, Age 14

A long time ago, the goddess of the light and the sun fell in love with Eros, the god of love. They got married and were very happy together.

Ares, the god of the war, also loved the goddess of the sun. He was a cruel god that loved to hustle and quarrel.
He was very angry because the goddess chose Eros and she was happy with him. One day, Ares decided to hurt Eros. So, he invited him to a dinner. Ares put a big quantity of poison into the meat he served. An hour later, Eros came back home and died. The goddess was very sorrowful; she sank into depression and cried many hours every day. Ares thought that now, when Eros died, the goddess would want to be with him, but she ignored him and said that she didn't love him.

All the other gods came to express condolences, but nothing helped and she continued to cry.

Before the death of her beloved, in the world, there was no darkness, and 24 hours a day, there was sun and light. However, after his death, the sun was disappearing while the goddess was crying. That's why we have light and darkness, day and night.

Today, approximately half a day sun casting its light on the earth, and during another part of the day- darkness reigns.

Marina M, 14
, Israel.