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''How Jaguar's Got It Spots''

By: Shanite W.
Mississippi, Age 14

Once upon a time there lived a group of Jaguar's. In there world a group would consist of five no more nor less. They had plenty of friends who they associated with such as tigers and cheetah's. There particular friends were mostly known as cats.
In the area where they lived was peaceful and enjoyable. There weren't many humans in this area which most people called it the ''Jungle''.
One day a man name James decided he would explore the jungle to see what it was like and that one day he would be famous and discover him something new.
James came to a spot where there were a group of Jaguar's having a conversation on how beautiful they thought the strips on the tigers looked.
And the perfect idea came to him that if he could discover something to make the Jaguar's look beautiful also he could be famous and be proud to say that he had discoverd something new.
He said to his self what can I do how can I pray upon this matter. James drawed pictures of how he thought they would look with black spots and he slept on it and it became the perfect idea.
As days went by he decided that if he could convice one to let him pray on him them then he could say that he keep his promise . He told the Jaguar's that he had the ability to make people different and he prayed and prayed and there became the spots on just how he drew it.
That's how Jaguar's got it spots!