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3 Piglets

By: Precious F.
Mississippi, Age 14

One day there were three big sister pigs named Conchetta,Tniesha,and Paulette.So one typical day Conchetta was playing in the mud splashing it everying because Conchetta was a big something always playing in the mud.So later on that day Paulette was washing the dishes for them to make a big sunday dinner.So when she finished they went to cook the dinner and Conchetta walked in all muddy.So Tniesha told Conchetta you need to get a bath and Conchetta and she went to the bathroon to get a shower. So Conchetta went to get in the tub never knowing that the bathoroom lights had got turned off and that Conchetta was afraid of the dark. So she went back to the kitchen to help cook the dinner and Tniesha looked at conchetta and told Conchetta you stil haven't took a bath and conchetta could not say a thing.See Conchetta really didn't like taking a bath anyway.It wasn't the fact that she was just afraid of the dark it was that she was messy just nasty anytway and she stinked a lot. Unlike the other two they took baths, but the thing with Paulette she thought she could fight until this one girl pig named Irene said something to Paulette about this boy pig named Nathan an that was Paulette's boyfriend and Nathan was cheating on Paulette with Irene and Irene tryed to rub it in Paulette's face becaues all Paulette talked about was Natan and so one day they got into a big fight and Irene basted Paulette's nose and her lip, and Paulette hit Irene in the stomach and she had a asuma attack.So they went to jail and Paulette's sisters Tniesha,and Conchetta went to get her put of jail.So the thing about Tniesha was,she thought she knew everyting, she talks to much,and she swared she was fine.So they got her out of jail,Pauylette dumped Nathan,Irene didn't die from her asume attack,Conchetta started taking baths even though she was afraid of the dark, but dke grew out it , and Tniesha grew out the thinking she was to much and she knew it all,and they lived happily ever after.