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Mystery of the Amazon

By: Ashton A.
Nebraska, Age 13

In ancient time, there was a man named Panther, he roamed the Amazon Forest all day looking for something to shoot with his bow and arrow. He hunted everything in sight. Along time ago, he abandoned his family to come live here with the creatures of the forest. He loved the smell of the forest so much, and the sounds of the animals made him relaxed.

One day he met an Indian Chief, he had never saw an Indian before. His culture made him believe that Indians were bad and that they can't be trusted. Panther tried hiding from the Indian Chief but he failed. The chief saw him instantly. The chief was scared so he put a spell on Panther. Suddenly, Panther turned into a huge, black cat. Panther was mad and furious. He started growling and roaring. The Indian Chief was proud of his doing and ran off further into the jungle.

The people of the Amazon have believed in this story for decades. They believe so strongly that they won't risk their lives by going into the jungle after 10:00 p.m. Some say that they have seen Panther in the forest, running and sleeping deep inside the jungle. Only the bravest men and women have gone looking for Panther. Some say they have never come back from looking for the black cat that roams the deep jungle floors.