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A Giant Swimming Pool

By: Athenia G.
Nepal, Age 5

Earth was a swimming pool. One single olympic-sized pool. There was all the elements in the pool, the pool had fourty people in it. Each own family lived in the water almost like an underwater world. The people didnt know it, but outside there was nothing. They all thought that where the pool ended, the world did. Everyone believed this except a girl named Ellie. Ellie knew there was life elsewhere and that she wanted to explore, yet her parents wouldn't hear of it. So she went to the king of the World. King Olve was a kind and gentle man. Yet, he to despised going to the outside world and turned Ellie down. Saddened she went to the sorcerer in the pool. The ''Dark Side'' of the water where no one but evil people dare to go. There she met a curious man fish. He was half man who never got visitors and was happy to see Ellie. He invited her in and she swam inside. Inside the man fish told her that his name was Boyamcacanotoohohkak but my friends call me Boya. Well hello Boya how are you doing today? Uhhh i'm doing great. Well little girl what are you doing in these bad parts of town? If you wan't to know more about this story you have to buy the rights*--if you don't know what that means...too bad for you!*