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''Why do clouds form

By: Anonymous A.
Massachusetts, Age 13

Once upon a time in a town where the people would learn to diminish their negative thoughts and feelings; to consider this a blessing by the Goddess of the Sky, and God of Feelings on this very day. As the god and goddess lingered overhead of a small town in Greece, they witnessed a tragedy; the tragedy that would begin the development of this new land. The town was ôfalling apartö from all of the disagreements and negative energy that each person was confronted with by another. After days had passed of watching this injustice, the Goddess of the Sky and God of Feeling introduced themselves in the town, as well as the problems of energy and thoughts of the town as a whole. The town agreed to have the god and goddess watch over the town, but it only got worse for the only way the gods knew how to handle this problem, was by strict rules and power. In the turn of the next few weeks, rage was growing and population was thinning. Many people were being sentenced to prison, and even death for æbreakingÆ the god and goddessÆ ærestrictionsÆ. Few townspeople objected to these laws as the gods had done earlier to their behaviors. Unfortunately, more restrictions were added and the population of those who were brave enough to object to the great spirits was sentenced. Soon enough, more townsmen began to pick up on the points that each defending side had brought up, and fought back; the gods were outnumbered to their power. After more time had passed, almost every town person of all classes agreed with the points of harsh ruling and the almighty bowed down. With a different attempt, the God of Feelings and the Goddess of the Sky introduced the negative feelings in the town. Few of the people in the town actually agreed with the way the gods had claimed that they had been acting, but luckily for the dominate population of disagreement, the gods had another plan. The God of Feeling had found a way to convert any negative feelings and energy in the town into physical elements that began to pollute the air. The Goddess of the sky turned these elements into simple dark clouds and the light had disappeared. The town was frustrated in their time of darkness, but more were realizing that this really may be true. This town could really be infected by the negative energy, and have seen the impact that this has had on their daily lives. Finally, the god and goddess inform the town that they would be leaving, and hoped that they had learned a lesson. The clouds cleared but not because the gods had, the bad feelings in the town had diminished and the sun came out, the townspeople were completely oblivious to the fact that they were being watched, they were always being watched. As the God of Feeling and Goddess of the Sky rest on top of the mountains that border the town, they can see that whenever a cloudy ever comes alongàthat the town really has changed because before the blink of an eye, the sun shines brightly.