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Izanami and Hydra

By: Danny M.
Illinois, Age 13

Once upon a time, in the early morning the goddess Izanami looked down from Mt. Olympis. Her daughter, Vanami, and her husband, Zeus, were sound asleep. Then she woke Vanami up because she always loved going to earth. They both went down the mountain and onto earth and all of a sudden, a huge thumping sound was heard throught the land. Out of the darkness came the most fearful monster known to Greece, Hydra. He came by and knocked Izanami to her knees. He came by and grabed Vanami with one of his heads. Zeus woke up to the screams of his daughter and ran tho the edge of the mountain and threw a lightning at the hideous creature and chopped off the head that held Vanami. The monster ran away before Zeus could throw another lightning bolt. Both Zeus and Izanami ran over to her, but the Hydra had grabed her too hard and she had died. Neither Izanami nor Zeus could believe it. Two years had passed and they didn't forget what happened that morning. Izanami blamed herself for bringing her down to earth. They each made a pact that they wouldn't rest until one of them killed Hydra. They are still searching.