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Old is Always Gold

By: Katreena T.
Pennsylvania, Age 13

In the 21st century, the powers of old gods and goddesses are a little outdated. Therefore a new breed of gods and goddesses was created. The older gods were sent to a senior citizen home, and the new gods and goddesses were left to rule the earth. The only problem is the new gods and goddesses have no idea about what to do.
Seaira, the goddess of all seas, was trying to make waves. She tried kicking the water but that only created whirlpools. She tried pushing the water but that only created hurricanes. Seaira tried everything she could think of but everything she tried created more and more damage. She soon ran out of ideas and gave up all hope of ever creating waves. While sitting on an islands thinking of ways to make waves, thousands of spirits arose from under the water. The spirits wrapped around Seaira and dragged her to the Underworld. Hadder, the god of the Underworld, was waiting on his throne for the arrival of Seaira.
˘Boy!!! What is your problem?÷ screamed Seaira when she arrived in the Underworld.
˘What is my problem?! WhatĂs yours? All that playing around up there is making leaks in my territory! FIX IT!÷ yelled Hadder.
˘YouĂre supposed to be scaring me? Well I was thinking about plugging up the leaks for you but not with that attitude!÷ said Seaira and she stormed back up to the surface.
Seaira was now getting worried. She already caused enough problems and is now causing problems with other gods. ThatĂs when a swarm of leaves soared through the air. Yet again Seaira got captured, but this time she was sent to Floreta, the goddess of nature.
˘Seaira! All this water is drowning my plants!÷ yelled Floreta.
˘Ok, and thatĂs my problem because?÷ said Seaira sarcastically.
˘Listen little girl! Fix this problem or me and you will have a problem,÷ Floreta said as she disappeared in a tornado of leaves.
Seaira now felt guilty. She was destroying the work of other gods and goddesses and she knew that it wasnĂt right. Seaira decided to do the last thing that she wanted to do, speak with her grandfather. At the senior citizen home Poseidon was just receiving his medicine.
˘Ok Mr. P. hereĂs youĂre applesauce flavored vitamin. DonĂt chew, swallow or you will start another hurricane Mr. P.÷ said a nurse nymph.
˘Poppy, I need your help,÷ said Seaira.
˘Of course you do, I see you down there making a mess. You donĂt have a clue about anything do you?÷ said Poseidon
˘No,÷ said Seaira
˘Well IĂll tell you how to make waves,÷ said Poseidon. ˘But before I tell you, you have to promise me something.÷
˘Anything! Just tell me!÷ said Seaira.
˘To make waves all you have to do is blow on the water,÷ said Poseidon.
With that information Seaira went back the seas and blew with all her might. For the first time she created waves. The movement of the waves prevented the underworld from leaking, and the land no longer was drenched with water. Now the only thing was Seaira agreed to let Poseidon become god of the seas again if he told her how to make waves.