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OOOhhh, OOOhhh, Aahhh, Aahhh

By: McKelly T.
Pennsylvania, Age 13

Long, Long, ago in the Amazon Jungle there was an abundant of amount of Tamarin MonkeyÆs, And they could actually. The Tamarin MonkeyÆs irritated all the other members of the Amazon Jungle. The queeen Tamarina thought that she should teach the Tamarin MonkeyÆs a lesson for talking so much. So one day while everyone were just relaxing and the monkeyÆs were conversing. She decided that when she casts her spell the sound that the monkeyÆs make will be the only sound that the monkeyÆs can say no matter what.
The monkeyÆs way of celebrating was to say ôOOOhhh, OOOhhh, Aahhh, Aahhhö. They would jump up and down and make this unusual sound. Then when she cast her spell she said ô What these monkeyÆs say it will be the only thing said from them everydayö. Then she dropped hundreds of bananas and they said ôOOOhhh, OOOhhh, Aahhh, Aahhhö as suspected when they celebrate. Then as soon as Queen Tamarina said her spell ôOOOhhh, OOOhhh, Aahhh, Aahhhöwas all the monkeys could say.

Now everyone was happy except for the monkeyÆs for sure. So if you ever wondered why monkeyÆs said ôOOOhhh, OOOhhh, Aahhh, Aahhh.ö Now you know.