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A new heir

By: Anastasia W.
Colorado, Age 14

In a dark, damp, lonely cave there he sat. In the furthest corner he lived his life. All that anyone could hear was the deep breathing of himself and the loud crashing waves on the rocks. He sat there day after day. Thinking to himself no one would even care if I died just now. Sitting there and waiting to die or to have something happen to him. He finally got his wish. All of the sudden there was earsplitting noise that woke every monstrous object. Out of the shadows appeared a divined human being. Mark started to stand to his feet to get a better look. But he froze when he got half way up.
Hera stood there with a haze of smoke around her. Hair graceful flowing as if it had life of its own. Her dress as smooth as it could be flickering behind her. She began to step toward Mark as if she was walking on water. In a mind boggling voice she spoke. ˘ I would be fond of you to do me a favor oh great lovely mark. My son, he is a disgrace to my family he is no heir. I suppose after a douse in the river you could have great potential to become my heir. So I plead to you get rid of my son and I will make you my son and give you one great power of your choice.÷ Mark was as stunned as he has ever been. He could not speak. Eyes were glued to Hera in amazement. He was thinking to himself maybe if I did this there would be someone that would actually care for me. Hera saw right through him. She saw that he wanted to. ˘I see your answer meet me by the river tomorrow morning I will tell you everything that you need to know about my son to kill him.÷ With that she disappeared.
When Hera left Mark fell to the ground and coiled into a petite ball. He wondered if he did the right thing. As he laid there he fell asleep. The very next morning he awoke and wondered if he dreamed that. So he decided to see if Hera was waiting by the river. When he got there he saw no one. He was relieved that it was a dream but at the same time he was largely disappointed. He very much wanted someone to finally care for him. As he turned around to go back to the cave he saw Hera standing there. ˘What took you so long? I was considering locating another person to kill him for me. Anyways, where you will find my son is under Santorini. This undertaking will be fairly easy. So complete this task by tomorrow evening.÷ After he bathed in the river there was a dazzling glittery light that shined right into his eyes. It blinded him for a minute. Finally his eyes got use to it and he saw that it was armor. Once again his eyes were glued. The longer he looked the wider his eyes got. ˘This is for you. When you put it on it will be warm in view of the fact this will be telling you that I am protecting you through everything. So be heroic and triumph. When you come back I am excepting that you will not come back as just a human but as my son.÷ There was no doubt. He knew that this was the right thing to be doing. He put on the armor and he turned and began to walking toward his journey.
The mountain was not far from his cave. It only took him a few hours to get there. As he looked at the mountain he did not fear anything he was ready. He began to walk down the tunnel to where Vulcan stayed. In the shadow there was an object banging away at a slip of metal. Mark snuck up behind it drawing his sword. When he was right behind him Vulcan all of the sudden turned around and drew his sword. ˘ I could tell that you were behind me . Can we go outside? I want to see the sky before I die.÷ Mark agreed and they held the fight until they got to the surface. Vulcan turned around and swung his sword the hardest and fastest he could. But Mark jumped and rolled out of the way. Once again Vulcan swung his sword. Mark pulled his sword up and crossed VulcanĂs sword. Vulcan swung so hard that it created a spark. They kept going at it . Again and again swinging their swords, as they did this there were more and more sparks. But one time they got to close to a drying plant this created the plant to spark and make fire. No one really knew what it was. But mark was very smart as Vulcan was distracted he snuck up behind him and sliced him throat from ear to ear. Mark was very pleased of himself, as Vulcan was choking on his own blood on the floor. Mark said ˘Now I will take your spot and be a better son that you ever were.÷ He now turned and was walking toward a new life one that he would take pleasure in.
When he arrived back to his cave there was Hera standing there looking out over the river. ˘Hello mother, how are you today?÷ Hera was shocked to hear that, she turned swiftly and ran up to Mark and embraced him.
˘Now that you are my son what is the great power that you want?÷
˘When I was fighting you old son there was a scorching blaze that formed when our swords stroked against each other. I desire to will that.÷
˘Then you shall get whatever you want. Come lets to go Olympus.÷