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By: Annabel W.
Florida, Age 13

Many years ago in the heavens, unknown to the humans, lived many gods, some more important than others.
One day the gods known as Nevaeh and Niatnuom gave birth to a son named Elcarim who was later going to become one of the gods of the higher order. Prior to this miracle, years before they had given birth to another son named Dertah.
As the years went on Elcarim had accomplished so much, and Dertah so little.
Dertah was a very jealous person and envied how far Elcarim had gotten in life without much effort.
So one day to drain his angry Dertah set out on a journey to visit the black mountain û on Earth. During his trek to the mountain Elcarim had realised just how hard life was on earth compared to the Heavens. People were working so hard just to stay alive û they seemed frustrated, yet happy.
Instead of releasing his anger during the trip which he came to do he became more and more furious with how Elcarim had breezed through life.

Years later upon returning to the heavens after his time on earth, Dertah had a new mission.
To him Elcarim wasnÆt worthy to become a god of the higher order, after getting everything he wanted, he was about to be blessed with astonishing powers.
Dertah just couldnÆt accept it. Upon realising nobody was around he knew just where they all were. He forwarded hastily to the castle û the castle where Elcarim was to be presented with his new powers.
Arriving at the entrance to the castle, he firmly told the two guards how he needed to be in there. The look on his face was enough for them to deny him access, but that didnÆt stop him. He got past the guards and ran in. Elcarim was nowhere to be seen so he ran into one of the back rooms where Elcarim and Niatnuom were waiting.
Dertah confronted him and drew his sword making promising threats. DertahÆs sword had taken over him, striking at Elcarim many times but missing. Dertah was lying on the floor defenceless so he raised the sword above his head slowly and took one last swing.
Dertah lay on the floor looking at his hands shaking û Niatnuom had jumped in front of Elcarim, saving his life but killing his own.

Days later after the tragedy, Dertah and Elcarims case was viewed by the gods. Dertah was found guilty and banished to Earth where his soul would stay forever and not move onto the afterlife. With him he brought to the people what is know today as jealousy, envy and anger. But the spirit of Niatnuom the god of love, was also there leaving happiness, laughter and love.