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Quetzalcoatl against Chi You

By: Imari Bradley B.
Ohio, Age 13

Once upon a time in Mexico around 1521 A.D. There was a myth of a Aztec god wind and protector of arts named Quetzalcoatl. He went for a walk down to the mountain by the sea. When he had went around the mountain he had encountered a monster called Chi You. Who was peaceful but the way the monster looked was terrifying. He had six eyes and two huge horns. Quetzalcoatl was so terrified he called upon the wind to bring a gigantic cyclone whisk away the monster but the monster was so big the cyclone could not pick the monster up. The monster asked why do you try to send me away and the god answered because you will try to eat me. No,I wont try to eat you I'm not that kind of monster. I'm peaceful monster who loves the sea and the sun. And from then on they were the best of friends. The moral of this story is that things are not always what they seem.