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By: Dana H.
Michigan, Age 13

1000 years ago about 1000 BC a man named Uck-Tuck was wondering through the forests of Mexico. He wandered for weeks at a time. He grew week and tiered from dehydration. There wasnĂt anything to drink in sight. So he kept walking. Soon he came to the conclusion that if he didnĂt get anything to drink he would die. So he did the only thing left to doÓ ˘Zeus what do I do? There is no water in sight and what do I do? I canĂt die out here what about my family and kids?÷
Zeus heard this cry and decided that it would be good not just for Uck- Tuck but for the land, animals, and people and so out of the clods he made a new god! He called this god Rain. But in Uck-TuckĂs language it was called Cadony. This god looked like a cat, dog, fish, bird, hamster and all the other house pets in the world.
Soon after a while cadony went Roag. He didnĂt like that people couldnĂt see him and thank him for his doings. So he began to make high winds. Than Zeus got mad and would throw lightning and than it would rain. The People thought that they did something wrong.
Years past and Uck-Tuck finally made his way out of the forests. He saw the strangest creature. Cadony! They battled until 1 left! Cadony got so assumed that he ran away into the clods and every time it rains that is Cadony crying because of his self-pity, sorrow and guilt.