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A Black Crow

By: Krist M.
Pennsylvania, Age 15

Way back when, a dove was a symbol of peace and unity to each family. It was as common as a dog or a cat is to a household today. Well back in the day, these doves were treated as family and everyone loved them for their beauty and the security they bring. One day a villiager named Crowsiph from Messuca came to this wonderful land and saw all of the happy people that lived there. He, coming from a poor, run-down village, hated what he saw. He soon had a mischievious plan.
That afternoon he went down to the tiny white house on the corner and knocked forcefully on the door. A small old lady came to the door. He told her he'd lost everything he owned in a flood many miles away. Without a second thought, the woman graciously welcomed him into the house. He had to find out what was making these villagers so happy.
That night at dinner, he heard a noise from the living room. It was a squack. Curious, the man asked what it was. The old man of the house told him the story of how those beautiful white doves were a symbol of peace and everyone had one. Once again, this hateful man had another plan.
That night when everyone was asleep, he snuck down to the living room and tried to sufficate the bird with his cruel hands. Since he was full of hate, the dove instantly turned black, a color of hatred. He escaped out of the side window, that was still somewhat opened from the burnt dinner they made that night. His call shouted to all of the other doves in the houses surrounding that small white one. They all immediately flew out their windows and the bird that was now black was flying frantically into the doves, turning them black as well. These doves evenually became mean. The mean villager came outside to look at what he'd done. He saw this new type of bird; his bird. He would name them Crows.