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By: Jessica L.
Tennessee, Age 14

There once was a God named ''Hurricane'' king of all rulers in Rome. Hurricane was brave, but vicious and thought that he was to be respected by everyone and he didn't tolerate those who were not believers, even young children. His heart was cold; he had no sympathy for anyone. If they weren't believers they would be put to death or suffer brutal punishment.

Hurricane wanted to be known for his name, so he would hold sword battles between anyone who even thought that they could defeat him of his royal name. He was known for his great force and strength and nobody even dared to challenge. The only reason they would challenge him was if they were awarded food or even freedom. If Hurricane won, they would be slaves for him for eternity.

''Wind'' heard about the battles and challenged Hurricane to a duel. Wind was God of a country east of Rome called Corsica. Wind was known for his strength and quickness in Corsica. Wind was generous and giving to others, Wind wanted to fight for Rome's freedom, so if Wind won Rome would get their freedom and if Hurricane won Hurricane and his people would slave for him for the rest of their life. So, they battled. Unable to catch up with Wind's speed, Hurricane threw dust in Wind eyes to blind him but, that didn't work Wind was twice as fast unable to defeat Wind. Hurricane lost and the people of Rome were free.