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Why do Cows Moo?

By: Katelynn S.
Wisconsin, Age 13

One day there were many people outside on the 4th of July. There were outdoor cookouts and children playing. It all happened to be all fun and games. The people happened to live on a dairy farm and had plenty of cows, that couldnĘt moo. All of the cows felt so bad when they all heard the noise and laughter of everyone around them.

But it just so happened that as it came closer and closer to darkness, bright lights went off in the air around the farm. As everyone around the farm sat and watched it came to be that they all were going ooooo and ahhhhh. All the cows around the farm were so amazed by the sound that the humans were making that they also tried to make the same noise. Well they made it; it just came out a little bit mooier.

Yes that is when cows started to moo !!!