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A Whole Lot of Color

By: Stephanie R.
Wisconsin, Age 13

A long long time ago, before time even began Zoit goddess of the sky battled against the earthy, 5 headed, monster named Goynk for control of the colors of the land. Zoit wanted everything to be baby blue. While the ugly Goynk wanted everything to be black and gray. They tried to compromise but they couldnĘt agree. Since Zoit was goddess of the sky whenever she got angry with Goynk she would turn the sky a dark gray. But Goynk didnĘt mind that.
When Zoit realized Goynk was quite happy when she got mad she decided to change her ways. When she got angry she would turn the sky a bright blue! When she did this Goynk would dive into the sea so he would not have to look up at that brilliant blue. To keep him in the sea Zoit decided to always keep the sky blue. But occasionally she would get lonely and turn the sky gray so Goynk would come up to the surface to talk with her. They became great friends.
Now that were getting along quite well they decided that the earth should not be just a few colors picked by one person. Astounded by there behavior toward each other they put there differences behind them and made our earth a colorful place. And that is how the colors of the sky and earth came to be.