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~~~Brother Wind~~~

By: Aldo S.
Australia, Age 13

One calm and peaceful day Mother Earth gave birth to twins whose names were Sister Water and Brother Wind. Sister Water was pure and calm. While Brother Wind was cheeky and playful. Although they were different, they played with each other alot.

Every day, Sister Water was loved by everyone because everyone needed her to grow food. On the other hand Brother Wind was not needed and so he left out. Brother Wind was needed rarely, when the days were hot and people needed a cold breeze. Seeing that he felt left out, Sister Water wanted to do something about it.

One sunny and peaceful day, Brother Wind was waiting for a scorching day to come. Sister Water approached him, and asked if he wanted to play a game of tag. Seeing how he could run fast, Brother Wind said yes very happily. So Sister Water counted to ten... and Brother Wind ran as fast as he could.

To this day, Sister Water and Brother Wnd are always playing tag. When you feel a breeze, it is Brother Wind running away from Sister Water. When you feel no wind, it is Brother Wind having a little rest. To this day on, Brother Wind has never been caught.