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Why Snakes Stay Away

By: Jacob B.
Wisconsin, Age 12

A long time ago on a bright night when the first snake was created, something mischievous happened. A god named Zigumppo lived by the sea at the bottom of a mountain called Mt. Saint Zigumppo. He was just in the middle of cooking some bacon when his enemy Vincentocory came out from behind the mountain and scared him. He jumped up and a snake came out.
The snake was really disturbed by the absurd and frivolous action and he bit his knee cap. The god Vincentocory just laughed. The snake was pregnant and passed the gene to hate humans. That was the first snake and now all the rest of the snakes hate humans. There are many different kinds of snakes to react to their surroundings, but all snakes don't like humans. So whenever you see a snake get away you'll know the reason why they bite.