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A Native American Myth

By: Natasha X.
Virginia, Age 15

There are strange things in the world, things that you canĂt even imagine. Things you hear and you canĂt even compare them against anything real. There was a small town that had about thirty people living there. Near the town there was a river that starched all the way to Egypt. It was said that the river was formed in a day not too long ago. It has the freshest and sweetest water, compare to any other great oceans and lakes around the world. It was also has been said that a lot of people donĂt really go to the river because strange things been happening there.
One day, a man was traveling a long way from Baghdad came to the river to drink some water. He kneeled to get some water but in a minute he hears a voice saying ˘Is the water fresh?÷ The man stood up and turned around and sees no one. He glanced up everywhere but no one was there. He went back drinking the water. There again the voice, ˘Come back every day for the next two weeks and drink some of my sweetest water.÷ The man jumped up and looked everywhere but still sees no one, anywhere. He looked at the direction where the voice was coming from, which was the river. He yelled, ˘Who are you? Show yourself.÷ He waited and waited but there were no answers. The voice he had heard was calm and clear. The words he had heard floated in the wind gently with echoes.
The man got his stuff and started walking off. He figured that it was probably his mind telling that he was really tiered and he needed a rest. Next he hears, ˘If you wonĂt come back, itĂll give no good for your people.÷ The last words had floated through him. The man kept saying to himself, ŠIt is a dream. It is a dream.Ă
He wasnĂt sure if that was another person joking around or was it god himself talking to him. He decided that he was just hallucinating. That night, those strange voices came into his dreams saying that he has to go to the river. The next day the man had gone to the river and had drank as much water as he could. The next morning he sees that he had gotten stronger. The prophesy he had heard out of nowhere is true. As of that moment he went to the river every day for the next two weeks and never heard any more voices. He has done everything the ŠgodsĂ have told him at the beginning and in his dreams. The river was the god and the voices he had heard were coming from the river. Strangely it is exactly what the man had thought.
The last day he had came to the river with muscles as big as he or anyone had ever seen. He hears a voice saying, ˘You have done what I have told you. Now you must go to Egypt and tell people the great journey of yours. You have believed in me, and for that you are a great hero.÷ The man didnĂt jump or screamed, he just listened. He had gone a long journey to save many lives and also while he was on his duty he had told his amazing stories to people. The people had listened to his adventure with amazement. As on his duty, the man from his own homeland came to hear a prophecy that had lad him to go around the world to save many innocent people from ferocious creatures and the evil.