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''The Cave''

By: Brittany S.
Virginia, Age 11

A man named Quetzalcoatl had a wife named Kianah. She was pregnant. Kianah's baby was due in 2 days!!! So Quetzalcoatl went to look for a cave to have the baby!!! He heard the best place to have a baby is a cave!!! The cave he was looking for is called underground peaceful!!! He was hunting for 12 hours!!!! Suddenly ureka!!! He found the cave! So he went back to get his family. He was so excited. But when they got there, Kianah's baby was coming NOW!!!!! He tried to get the baby out and 3 hours later they had an indian baby!!! But Quetzalcoatl was young he didn't know anything about raising a child!! Kianah said, ''It's getting late; let's get to sleep.'' But when she heard the baby cringing in the middle of the night she woke up she rubbed her eye!! Suddenly, DRANGON!!!!!! The baby was crying to the top of his longs !!!! But when Hydra (a dragon)saw the baby she screamed!!!! For some reason the dragon was afraid of the baby!!!Nobody knows why the dragon is afraid of baby's!!! But when the baby stopped he went away.