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''Durga And The Fire Stone''

By: Mackenna F.
Virginia, Age 11

In a small in India, the most powerful God, Durga, who lived in cave that went deep into Earth. The cave was wet and mossy and very peacful. Durga was omnicient, which means he knew what was happening at all time. Durga was at all time. Durga was rushing to find The Fire Jewel. The Fire Jewel would set a ring oof fire around the person who had it to protect protect them from evil. Durga sensed that Hydra was coming. Hydra was a five headed monster that was to destroy the vilage. Durga took The Fire Jewel out of it's secret hidden place and hurried to the mouth of tthe cave. Hydra had already destroyed house in Durg's village. The villagers were running to the temple because they were waiting for Durga to save them.
Durga ran to bottom of the temple steps and said the magic spell to unleash the powers of The Fire, ''Kylum tontastric straduct rin.''
Suddenly, The Fire Jewel encircled Durga and the Temple with protective flames. The powerful blue flames made Hydra jump away.
In the next instant, Hydrra thrusted all five heads directly through the flames at Durga. Because Durga knew everything, he expected this attack and was ready with his spear. Durga forced the spear deep into Hydra's heart and with much screeching, Hydra fell on the ground dead. Some villagers were wounded but none had died so they celebrated the killing of Hydra and worked together to rebuild thier village.