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Quakete Goddess of Earthquakes

By: Jessica B.
Massachusetts, Age 10

Quakete was the lovely daughter of Zeus, king of the Gods and Gaea, Goddess of the earth. Quakete lived high on Mt. Olympus with all the other Gods and Goddesses. She frolicked with her friends, Ate, Goddess of mischief, Hecate, Goddess of magic and Moira, Goddess of fate. Quakete secretly admired Apollo, God of youth and longed to be with him.

The three friends came up with a plan to get Apollo's attention. Moira said that Quakete should let things fall where they may. Hecate said that she must cause illusions of waves and gentle rocking to capture his attention. Ate said she had the best idea of all. She told Quakete to break the earth open so that she could show him all the treasures deep inside it. Quakete didn't know what to do. All her friends were trying to help and had great ideas.

Quakete went to see Apollo. Her heart began to pound and with it the earth began to tremble. As he spoke to her, her mind raced with her friends' suggestions and this caused the trembling to increase to great vibrations. Apollo began to wonder what was happening and questioned Quakete. She became even more nervous, which caused great waves in the ground and large cracks to appear in the earth's surface.

The other Gods and Goddesses wondered what could be happening as things around them began to fall and rocks pushed through cracks in the earth.

Apollo took Quakete's hand and told her things would be okay and that he would protect her. As she held his hand she started to calm down and so did the earth's vibrations.

Her mother, Gaea, came to find her and took her home. She told her that as her daughter she had much control over the earth's surface layer and must be careful not to get upset.

Quakete realized she caused the earth to quake! She told her mother she was sorry and would be more careful in the future.

Things were calm for a while. Quakete played with her friends, Ate, Hecate and Moira.

Then came the night Apollo visited her. She stayed calm and they talked and stared at the sky filled with a thousand stars. Then as Apollo got up to leave, he kissed her and the earth moved again with great rumbling.