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'' How the Earth got Wind''

By: Alyssa M.
Illinois, Age 11

A very long time ago there was a goddess named Harmonious. She wanted to have two children, a boy and a girl. One night she fell asleep and the next day woke up with two babies, a boy and a girl. She named these two babies Itheous (boy) and Seneatha (girl).
As young children they were easy to take care of. When they got older things started to change. Everyday they fought and yelled at each other. Every time they fought, Harmonious would have to yell at them, even if she hated to yell.
One day, Harmonious had a bright idea. She would make the children clean every time they fought. The next day Itheous and Seneatha started fighting. It was a terrible fight. Harmonious put her bright idea to work. She made the children clean. She told Itheous to vacuum and Seneatha to dust. They created a gigantic whirlwind. Now every time you fell or hear wind, you know that the children have been fighting and Harmonious has told them to vacuum and dust. That's how the earth got its wind.