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“Why It Snows”

By: Amanda S.
Florida, Age 10

Mother cloud had cooked thunder and lightning for her children. As they jubilantly ate the delicious taste of thunder, a child cloud (Snowflake) had been drawing pictures of a sort of flake that seemed like a star. His obnoxious brothers and sisters teased him for creating such a weird drawing, when it really was extremely beautiful. At midnight while everyone went to sleep, mother cloud spoke to her melancholy Snowflake about how he had to get over his fantasy and focus on the real life. That same night, Snowflake packed his bags and floated off to another part of the sky. When his mother found he was a runaway cloud know, every time she cried, she cried raindrops that turned into twinkly things that looked like stars. These twinkly stars fell to the ground and melted, she named them…. “Snowflakes”.